What is Remote Desktop Connection and Why It is Used?

In this article, I’m going to explain what is remote desktop connection (RDC) and the beauty of using this service. It is considered by many IT professionals to be a savior because it makes their job easier without having them to move from their desk or drive to another location to resolve a computer related issue.

I personally use this feature in Windows a lot to resolve my issues at work. I remember one day when I had to remote to one of my branch’s computer far away from where I work to assist to resolve their issues and I didn’t have to move from my desk. As I said, this is a very useful tool and not only IT professionals can use it, anybody can use it even within your home.

What is remote desktop connection

What is Remote Desktop Connection?

Basically, remote desktop is a software application or feature in Windows that allows users to connect to another computer from a remote location. In other words, I am working at a big enterprise as an IT professional with lots of branches all over the United States and one of the branch’s computer is having a problem printing. I can remotely connect to that computer from my location and install the print driver to that computer without flying or driving to that location.


Why Must I Use Remote Desktop Connection?

We just talk about what is remote desktop connection so let’s focus on why we should use it. Remote Desktop is used to operate a Windows computer from a remote location as if you were in front of it. Depending on the permissions you define, you will have full access to all resources, including printers, storage devices, and the network to which the machine is attached. You are even capable of accessing multiple machines at once or hopping to multiple machines in a chain, by running Remote Desktop on each machine on the daisy chain. In other words, PC1 has a Remote Desktop connection to PC2, and PC2 has a Remote Desktop connection to PC3. PC1 has access to PC3 through the open window that displays PC2’s desktop.


The Downside of Remote Desktop Connection

The biggest limitation of Remote Desktop on Windows is that only one person can be logged in to the machine at once, so once you log in using Remote Desktop, the monitor at the local computer will go to the login screen. If a local user logs in, the remote user will be disconnected. Remote Desktop is not really a remote diagnostic and troubleshooting tool as much as a management tool.


How It Works?

Remote Desktop can be used to access a user’s computer to provide assistance with various types of issues. The problem with Remote Desktop for troubleshooting an end user’s computer is that it must be enabled and a user must be granted privileges to log in with network access. If a user does not have a password set up to log in to his or her computer, Remote Desktop will not allow that user name to be used to log in. If no other user name exists, there is no opportunity for Remote Desktop to work.



Remote desktop connection is one of the best maintenance tool that is built into the Windows operating system. It allows users to access another computer within a building or another location. It is used to gain access to a computer as if you are in front of it to troubleshoot any issues that may arise on that computer.

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