TooSell Tablet Problems – Showing Chinese Language at Startup Fix

Hey guys, in today’s tutorial I will be looking at one of Toosell tablet problems. My girlfriend’s daughter TooSell tablet wasn’t working properly so I took a look at it. The problem was that it shows Chinese language at startup and it will not boot up.

All it did was to display some Chinese language that I do not understand and more Chinese language after each screen change when I press a button. Well in today’s guide, I would like to assist you in solving your Toosell tablet problems.

TooSell Tablet


TooSell Tablet Problems – Description of the Issue

First, when I plugged in the charger I saw the screen flicker couple of times before it come on. Then, when the Toosell tablet finally comes on, all I can see is Chinese language and to make things worst it would not boot up. When I press a button, I see some other Chinese language and it seems as if it was doing a POST (power on self-test). Afterward, it took a picture as well as a GPS screen comes up. I’m not sure why these things are displaying but it seems as if she installed some tracking software on it. See a screenshot of the error below.

TooSell Tablet Problems


Things You Will Need

This fix does not need anything much. Surprisingly, the only thing you will need is your TooSell’s tablet charger. This along with the instruction I’m about to give you will solve your TooSell Tablet Problems.

TooSell Tablet Problems


How to Fix TooSell Tablet Problems – Chinese language at Startup

To fix this issue, I took these these steps:

  1. Power off the tablet by holding down the power button.
  2. Plug in the correct charger (not just any charger) and let it stay there for about two hours.
  3. Then, I power on the device and for some strange reason it started to work like normal again without Chinese language.

TooSell Tablet Problems


Possible Causes?

What I think caused this problem was that multiple different charger was used to charge the tablet. This could be the result of some form of battery issue why it was behaving that way.


This is one of TooSell tablet problems and I do hope you were able to fix it. If you have another solution to this issue, you can share it in the comment section below. To keep up-to-date with our tech tips you can subscribe to my blog and like our Facebook page by clicking the link. To make this website awesome and keep us motivated to write more tutorials you can show us some love by hitting that donate button or click here. Thank you 🙂


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