New Feature for Social Media Giant – Facebook Profile Video

The social media giant Facebook is rolling out a number of new features and one of them is their profile video. Facebook profile video is a short seven-seconds looping video that replaces your profile photo. That means you can now upload GIF or a seven second video as your profile picture.

Facebook profile video
Facebook profile video

Where Facebook Profile Video CanWork?

According to CNBC on Facebook profile video, “The new features are being tested with a “small number” of iPhone users in the U.K. and California and will be rolled out to more people soon, Facebook said”. I know many people would be excited about this new feature but it is in a testing phase and hopefully will be out in all location in a little while.

What Devices Can Use Facebook Profile Video?

Unfortunately, Facebook profile video can only work on Apple’s IOS for now as stated by and hopefully it will spread across to other platforms soon such as the Android users. Therefore, iPhone users in the locations mentioned, you are in luck and do not worry Android users your time will come soon.

Facebook profile video

Facebook’s new feature allows you to upload short seven seconds video as your profile picture and this is only available to iPhone IOS users in UK and California at this present moment. I think this Facebook profile video will replace the boring static pictures we used to with awesome short videos. I can see it now where people will get creative to display their video. Until then, let us see how creative Facebook users can be.

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