How to Make Your Computer Faster for Free Without a PC Technician

This article explain steps of how to make your computer faster for free. If these steps are done properly, you don’t have to go to a computer technician to speed up your computer.

If the speed is not favorable for you, definitely you would have to pay them a visit for him/her to reinstall the Windows operating system for you. So guys just sit back, relax and follow these steps of how to make your computer faster for free.

how to make your computer faster for free
How to make your computer faster for free

How to Make Your Computer Faster for Free

As we all know, nobody likes a slow computer worse when we have deadlines to meet. This can be very frustrating at times. Please bear in mind that this slowness mostly affects computers and laptops with hard disk drive (HDD). With that said, let’s get to the meat of the matter now shall we.

Step 1: Uninstall unwanted software

First thing you need to do is uninstall all the software that you are not using. Some software takes up significant amount of space on your hard drive and as a result slow down your computer. Just in case you never know, computers do slow down after the installation of software. The main reason behind this is because every year newer software has bigger and bigger requirements especially when you are updating them.

Step 2: Run your antivirus

Doing a security scan is one of the main thing you should be doing each week to protect yourself from computer related viruses. If your computer is infected with malware, most times it uses a large chunk of your computer’s resources for it’s own malicious purpose. Therefore, scanning for viruses once a week will ensure that your computer is in good shape.

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Step 3: Speed up your computer at startup

When you turn on your laptop or computer you noticed how long it takes to boot up? This can be annoying especially if you have something real quick to do. If this is done properly, your computer will startup a lot faster than usual. What this does is to stop programs that you are not using from starting up when you turn on your computer. Don’t worry guys, I did an article to speed up your computer at startup so you can check it out.

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Step 4: Delete cookies and temporary files from your browser

Deleting your cookies and other temporary web data often like your browser’s cache will really increase how fast your internet browser responds. It will even fix most problems you have with the internet. Click this link to see how to do it with popular browsers.

Step 5: Cleaning your registry

What the registry does is keep information about your system and programs. Sometimes when you uninstall programs, it left footprint in your registry causing your computer to slow down trying to access that program. So deleting the obsolete software and unused file extensions will speed up your computer. A lot of PC technician will not agree with me on this but it works when I use a particular registry cleaner. Most registry cleaners claim to clean your registry but it does more harm than good. The one I use is ccleaner and it works like a charm. Click the link to download ccleaner.

Step 6: Defrag your computer

This is also known as disk defragmentation. It is the process of consolidating fragmented data on a volume (such as a hard disk or a storage device) so it will work more efficiently. If your are using a solid-state drive (SSD), you can skip this step as it only goes for computers with hard disk drive (HDD). Defragmenting your hard drive is a major plus in speeding up your computer.

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That’s it guys! Nobody likes a slow computer and if you follow these steps your computer will definitely run faster. If you have other ways to speed up computers, you can leave a comment below. Also, if you like my article on how to make your computer faster for free without a PC technician you can subscribe and like our Facebook page. To make this website awesome and keep us motivated to write more tutorials you can show us some love by hitting that donate button or click here. Thank you 🙂


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