How To Make An Invisible Folder in Windows

Let me teach you a quick and easy way on how to make an invisible folder on your PC in windows. One of the best ways to hide your folder/s in windows without using the “Don’t show hidden files, folders, or drives” feature in “Folder Options” is to make an invisible folder.

If you use the Folder Option feature, a user could easily find your folder/s if he or she clicks “Show hidden files, folders, and drives“. But with invisible folder, if the user clicks the show option they won’t be able to see your folder. To make an invisible folder follow these simple detailed steps below:

How to make an invisible folder

1. Right click the desktop.

How to make an invisible folder

2. Click “New” and select “Folder“. A new folder will be created and the name of my new folder is “New folder (4)“.

How to make an invisible folder

3. Right click the folder and select “Properties“. The properties window will pop up.

How to make an invisible folder

4. Click “Customize

How to make an invisible folder

5. Click “Change Icon“.

How to make an invisible folder

6. Scroll till you see the invisible icon and click OK and now the folder is invisible.

7. To make the name invisible also, right click the name and click “Rename“.

How to make an invisible folder

8. While the name is highlighted, hold ALT, press 255 and release ALT.

Now the name is also invisible.

For persons who prefer to watch tutorial videos, below is a video of how to make an invisible folder.

This is a neat trick to hide your folders and with extra security you can make the folder hidden. So even when they click show hidden files, your folder will not be displayed.

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  1. Hey Wayne Loving your Blog, so Glad you have started your own and great tutorial, its truly unique as while I knew how to hide folders I have never seen it done this way, just goes to show that you can learn something every day. Big up my friend and keep on building this website up from strength to strength.

    • Respect for the strength my friend and I am glad that you learn something from my blog. Don’t even mention your blog because I learn a great deal of things from yours lol and I guess we can learn from each other. It feels so good to have my own blog than to write for other blogging platform like you know what lol. Anyways, thanks again bro and I will always continue to visit your blog.


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