How to Create a Strong Password That is Easy to Remember

Creating a strong password can be easy to generate but yet still hard to remember. Many people I personally know fall into that category and in this tutorial I will demonstrate different methods of how to create a strong password that is easy to remember.

I must admit, it can be a headache at times but if you follow my quick and easy methods on how to create a strong password, you will say otherwise.


Why you need to create strong passwords?

Protecting your computer and online accounts such as your Facebook account, email, online banking, etc. is essential. Hackers at large are creating havoc among internet users and creating a strong password is one way to minimize the threats. They use sophisticated software programs to crack passwords easily especially if you use dictionary words. It is design to break into accounts using every possible combination of letters and numbers until it generate the right one. When that hacker successfully retrieved your password, who knows what malicious things they will do with your account(s). Therefore, it is best to create strong passwords all the time.

How to create a strong password
How to create a strong password

Different methods of how to create a strong password

There are many different ways to create strong passwords. I would recommend using uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols (example of symbols are: [email protected]#$%&*+) in your passwords and a minimum of twelve (12) characters. Use a mixture of symbols and numbers in order to prevent your password from being too easy to crack. In order to remember the symbols and numbers used, it is best to use letters of the alphabet that looks a lot like them. For Example:

“t” → “+”

“a” → “@”

“s” → “5 or $”

“e” → “3”

“i” → “!”

“o” → “0” (zero)

“B” → “8”

“G” → “6”

“p” → “9”

Do not use dictionary words or combination of dictionary words either. For example “Black suede shoes”. With that said, you can use any method below to formulate your strong password and yet easy to remember. So, let’s get down to business!

Note: Do not use any of these passwords, as these are just examples.

How to create a strong password

How to create a strong password method #1

Let’s use “Black suede shoes” as our example in this method. We can change this phrase into an effective password just by following these steps:

1 – First, eliminate the spaces so that it becomes one word:


2 – Next, replace the capital “B” in “Black” with a lowercase “b” as seen below:


3 – Capitalize the “S” in the “suede”. I capitalize the second word because most people always capitalize the first letter, you want password to be different from the rest:


4 – Next, change the “a” to the asterisks sign @:

[email protected]

5 – Next, replace the “e”s with the number 3:

[email protected]

6 – Next, replace the lowercase “s”s with the dollar sign $

[email protected]$ho3$

Now this is a secure password! With this method, all you have to remember is the phrase that you use which is “Black suede shoes”, make “B” in lowercase, capitalize the second word, and substitute the letters with the symbols and numbers that looks alike.


How to create a strong password method #2

This method is a more complex yet easy to remember password generator. I will be using this phrase (I live at 23 Example Road, Kingston 45 and I pay $575 per month for rent) to generate a password.

Take the first letter from each word and use all the numbers seen in the phrase. To make your password more secure substitute the “at” with the at sign “@” and the “and” with the and sign “&” as seen below:

[email protected]&Ip$575pmfr

Now, this is a strong password! See how easy it is? All I did was use an address and how much I pay for rent. You can use other phrases to generate your password.


How to create a strong password method #3

There is another easy way to create a strong password and this method is a very good one because it’s bad practice to use one password on multiple websites. If that password is captured, it may be leaked to hackers which in turn carry out their act. Follow these steps carefully:

1 – Pick a combination of three letters. Your initials will be too obvious so you can use your best friend’s or anybody you wish and capitalize the first letter. Let’s say my best friend’s name is “Janice Ann Doe”. My first three letters will be:


2 – Then, use any of the symbols mentioned above you desire in your password to make it stronger. I will use the at sign “@” and so far my password is:

[email protected]

3 – Next, use the first three or four letters of each websites that you are signing in and capitalize the first letter. This will enable you to have a different password for every website that you register on and that is best practice. I will be using the first four letters of as an example:

[email protected]

4 – Last but not least, it’s time to use some numbers. I think it will be too obvious to use your date of birth because hackers could have that information about you somewhere. You can probably use the last four numbers of an old telephone number or your current phone number. See the finish product below:

[email protected]

So easy, huh? This method will enable you to have different passwords for different website that you log on to which is recommended.


How to create a strong password method #4

There’s this cool password strength checking tool that I use to determine if my password is strong or not. The main reason why I like this tool is because it tells you how long a computer can take to crack the password that you entered. What sets this tool apart is that it collects data on the most frequently used passwords which means that if a user enters a password that is very common (and therefore likely easy to guess) it let them know so that they can avoid it. See a screenshot of the password strength checking tool below.

password strength checking tool
Password strength checking tool



These are some of the methods on how to create a strong password. You probably saying to yourself that you will never remember your newly formulated password, but trust me, you will. You will be typing it slow at first, but as time goes by, it will be easy to remember and as a result, you will be typing it fast. You should take the time-out to create good secure passwords in order to prevent your accounts being hacked and losing all your money in your bank account. With all these methods mentioned above, you will be able to make secure passwords and give hackers a warm time. To make this website awesome and keep us motivated to write more tutorials you can show us some love by hitting that donate button or click here. Thank you 🙂

Note: Strong passwords alone will not prevent hackers from entering your account(s). You must do your part by protecting your computer from password capturing malware and avoid phishing websites. Using strong password won’t stop them entirely but it’s a good step.


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