How to Block Facebook Game Requests and App

Are you annoyed by all those games and apps invitations? Do you see them a lot in your notification area, moreover, like everyday? If yes, I will show you how to block Facebook game requests and app. The best thing about this tutorial, it will block all Facebook games and apps.

I know a lot of people like to play Facebook games like Candy Crush and many others, but to most people it is very annoying and they would sometimes message their friends or post on their Facebook wall and say to stop sending them games request.

No need to fear! For those who do not play games on Facebook, there’s an easy way to block all game and app invitations forever. Follow these simple steps:

Note: The steps that will be demonstrated below will disable all Facebook games and apps, even the ones you use. Therefore, you need to be sure if you really and truly want to do this before continuing. If, yes, lets go!


How to Block Facebook game requests and app

1 – Log into your Facebook account and click the down arrow on the top right-hand side.

How to block Facebook game requests


2 – Click Settings.

How to block Facebook game requests


3 – Click the Apps over the left-hand corner.

How to block Facebook game requests


4 – Find Apps, Websites and Plugins and click Edit.

How to block Facebook game requests


5 – Click Disable Platform.

How to block Facebook game requests


So folks, this is how to block Facebook game requests and app. Easy huh! From now on you will never receive another Facebook game and app requests from anyone no matter what. So if you are tired of all those annoying requests, follow these simple steps. If for some reason you change your mind, you can always enable the platform again by going to step 5 in the tutorial and click Enable Platform.

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  1. Very useful article. Have some friends who are actually annoyed with these requests, so now I know how to disable it I share the knowledge. Thanks for the information Wayne….continue posting more interesting tech tips.


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