WiFi Authentication Problem Fix on Any Android Devices

Are you experiencing WiFi authentication problem on your Android device? You probably encounter this issue from time to time when trying to connect your phone to the WiFi. Also, it can be someone you know.

This can be irritated for some people worse when they have something important to do. But, there’s no need to worry. Luckily, I have couple ways you can try to fix the WiFi authentication problem and have you browsing again in no time.

How do you know when you have WiFi authentication problem?

You will definitely know when you have a authentication problem in WiFi. When you try to connect to a WiFi network, it displays authentication problem under the SSID or WiFi name of your android device whether it’s a tablet, smartphone, phablet, etc. This will happen even if the password is correct and you might think the password has changed. The authentication problem will look something like the screenshot below.

WiFi Authentication Problem

How to fix authentication problem in WiFi

In this tutorial, I will show you a number of fixes and hope that at least one of them works for you. Authentication error in WiFi can be caused by a lot of unexplainable things. Follow me as I go in details to try and resolve this error.

1. Check the WiFi password

This is one of the main reason why anyone will encounter the authentication error. Whenever you enter the password incorrectly you will get the authentication error. So, you definitely need to ensure that you enter the correct password. To ensure you are entering the correct password, tick the “Show password” box while entering your password to minimize your chances of entering it incorrectly. If this step doesn’t fix the authentication error, then try the next step.

2. Use the forget network feature

The forget network feature will delete the WiFi network profile as the name suggests. When successfully done, you can either reconnect back to the WiFi network or abandon it. But, we won’t abandon it, we will try to reconnect to the WiFi to see if this method works. Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to “Settings” on your android device.
  • Then, go to “Wi-Fi” under the heading “Wireless and Networks”.

WiFi Authentication Problem

  • Now you will see a list of nearby WiFi including the one you are trying to connect to. Press and hold on the WiFi that you are trying to connect to.
  • Then, you will see a pop up menu and choose “Forget network“.

WiFi Authentication Problem

  • Lastly, try reconnect to the same WiFi network by entering the password.

After entering your password you should be able to authenticate and browse the Internet. If this step does not work, move on to the next step.

3. Using WPS Push Button

The WPS push button is located on the wireless router showing the symbol defined by the Wi-Fi Alliance for this function. WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup but was originally named Wi-Fi Simple Config. It is a network security standard to create a secure wireless home network without entering your password. With that said, let’s try this method and see if it can get rid of your WiFi authentication problem.

  • Go to “Settings” on your android device.
  • Then, go to “Wi-Fi” under the heading “Wireless and Networks”.
  • Go to “Advance settings“. Depending on your model android device, there will be many options there.
  • Also, there will be many different WPS options there depending on your model but we’re only interesting in “WPS connection” or “WPS Push Button“. So, press it once you see it and a WPS setup will appear on your screen waiting for the configuration from the router.
  • Next, go to your router and press the “WPS” button and wait for the connection to be successful on your android device. This process normally takes couple seconds.

After the connection is successful, you should be able to browse the Internet like you normally do. If above solution didn’t resolve the WiFi authentication problem and your device still isn’t able to connect. Try the next step.

4. Changing the security protocol

In this step you have to go in the router settings. So, if you know the username and password of your router, try changing the security protocol. If the security protocol is WPA2, change it to WPA and vice versa. Then, go on your android device, use the “Forget network” feature mention above and reconnect it to the WiFi.

As usual, if this method does not work try the next one.

5. Switching to Airplane Mode

This is not the best fix because you won’t be able to use your SIM to make calls. But, if you want to try this quick fix to browse the Internet it’s up to you. Just remember to switch off Airplane Mode if you want to continue making calls.

  • Go to “Settings” on your android device.
  • Then, go to “Wi-Fi” under the heading “Network Connections”. Depending on the model you might have to go to “More Networks” to see Airplane mode.
  • Look for “Airplane mode” and check the box to turn it on.
  • After Airplane mode is switched on, reconnect your device to the WiFi network.

That should be able to resolve the WiFi authentication problem and be able to browse the Internet. If not, try the other step.

6. Changing from DHCP to Static

This method might work to fix the WiFi authentication problem if followed correctly. Follow these steps to change from DHCP to Static on your device.

  • Go to “Settings” on your android device.
  • Then, go to “Wi-Fi” under the heading “Wireless and Networks”.
  • Press and hold on the WiFi network you want to use. You will see a pop up box appear.
  • Press the “Modify Network” or any related option depending on the model.
  • Next, check the box beside “Show advance options“.
  • Under “IP settings“, change it from DHCP to Static. An IP Address field will appear below.
  • This step is very important. Write down the information included in the static IP address fields then delete it, re-enter it again, and save.

If you follow these steps properly you should be able to connect to the WiFi.

7. Change the WiFi password

This is not the best fix either but it’s something that you can try. If enter the WiFi password on your android device incorrectly you will get the WiFi authentication problem. It’s a possibility that someone had change the password without you knowing. Or, you probably forget a character in the password. So, my advice is to go on the router and change the password. Connect to the WiFi network on your device to see if this method works.

8. Check the maximum devices supported

Some wireless modems can only support a certain amount of devices connected to it. You can check that out with your manufacturer or your service provider. However, there are some wireless routers that can be configured to accommodate certain amount of devices. If that’s the case, go into your wireless router settings and check what’s the maximum devices there. Change that setting to a higher number and save the settings.


There are a lot of factors that can cause the WiFi authentication problem. I produce eight (8) methods that you can follow to see if one of them can resolve that issue. Follow them properly and you might get lucky.

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