Ways to Fix Facebook Share Image Not Showing When Sharing Links

In today’s article I want to show you ways to fix Facebook share image not showing whenever you share your links on Facebook. Also, there are times when both the image and content are not showing just only the URL is showing.

I was facing this same issue at one point and I was trying some plugins like WP Facebook Open Graph protocol but they didn’t work for me. But no need to worry guys, I will demonstrate some ways to fix Facebook share image not showing.

Note: WP Facebook Open Graph protocol is a great plugin and it does work. But in my case, it was something else that was affecting my website.

Description of Facebook Share Image Not Showing Error

When I try to post or share my website link on Facebook, the only thing I see showing is the URL. There was no image and content either. When I used the Facebook Sharing Debugger with a specific post this is what I got:

Object Missing a Required Value
Object at URL ‘https://www.msgdigital.com/use-google-custom-search-engine-on-https-websites/’ of type ‘website’ is invalid because a required property ‘og:title’ of type ‘string’ was not provided.

Inferred Property
The ‘og:image’ property should be explicitly provided, even if a value can be inferred from other tags.

When I checked my page source the og:title and the og:image are there so I did some intense research to fix this issue.

How to Fix Facebook Share Image Not Showing

Method 1:

This method is what I used to resolve my issue when Facebook is not showing my link images when I share it. The problem was with a plugin that I used to use called Autoptimize. It’s a great plugin but it was conflicting with Facebook share.

By default Autoptimize outputs the CSS very early in the HTML, which in some cases (depends on exact AO configuration) can push the og-tags down to where Facebook is not looking anymore.

To fix this (without ditching Autoptimize), I unchecked “Inline all CSS” and “Inline and Defer CSS” and clear the cache. When I ran the link in Facebook Sharing Debugger it worked like a charm. If this method does not work try method 2.

Facebook share image not showing

Facebook share image not showing

Method 2:

There is a cool plugin that I mentioned earlier that can fix the Facebook share image not showing issue called WP Facebook Open Graph protocol by Chuck Reynolds. Once you install and configure this plugin properly you should be good. If you are using a cache plugin, just clear the cache and ran the link in the Facebook Sharing Debugger.

If this plugin does not work, try the other method.

Method 3:

If you use Yoast SEO plugin on your website, it has a builtin Open Graph meta data that social media like Facebook used when your pages are shared. This feature need to be enabled so that the information along with the images can be displayed when your link is shared. Follow these steps to enable it:

  1. Under the Yoast SEO plugin, click social.
  2. Look for the Facebook tab and under Facebook settings, ensure that
    Add Open Graph meta data is enabled.
  3. Clear your cache and try sharing the link in Facebook to see if it works.

Facebook share image not showing

These are some ways you can use to fix the Facebook share image not showing when you are trying to post or share a link on Facebook. If you have other ways to fix this issue please share it with us in the comment section. Also, kindly like our Facebook page to interact with us. To make this website awesome and keep us motivated to write more tutorials you can show us some love by hitting that donate button or click here. Thank you 🙂


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